Engineering Advisory Group

The Engineering Advisory Group is led by Engineering New Zealand and includes representation from the University of Canterbury and industry experts. The Engineering Advisory Group provides input to the GCCRS Advisory Committee on engineering issues, recommends system improvements and ensures engagement with stakeholders and interest groups within the engineering network.

Engineering Advisory Group - members

Co-Chair - Tania Williams FEngNZ General Manager, Engineering Leadership, Engineering New Zealand

Tania joined Engineering New Zealand in March 2017 after a long career at engineering and management consulting firm MWH, where she was most recently General Manager of Water and Waste. Other roles she held at MWH include New Zealand Transportation Operations Manager and Central General Manager. At Engineering New Zealand, she oversees professional engineering practice and policy, continuing professional development and Engineering New Zealand’s technical groups.

Co-Chair - Helen Davidson General Manager, Legal & Policy, Engineering New Zealand

Helen joined Engineering New Zealand in February 2016 and is responsible for leading legal and policy work. She has over 15 years’ experience in professional regulation, including complaints management, ethics and policy. Prior to Engineering New Zealand, she worked mainly in the health sector, including as Principal Legal Advisor at the Health and Disability Commissioner and the Director of Patient Safety at the Ministry of Health Services in British Columbia Canada. In 2017 she was awarded both the In-house Lawyers’ Association of New Zealand’s Private Sector In-house Lawyer of the Year and Innovation awards for the redesign of Engineering New Zealand’s complaints resolution process.