Agencies involved

GCCRS brings together expertise from multiple agencies and organisations to support the resolution of your claim. Each of these agencies and organisations has a specific role in the process to ensure you can move forward with confidence.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

MBIE led the establishment of GCCRS with the support of multiple other agencies and organisations to ensure a system-wide approach to support homeowners with unresolved earthquake claims in Greater Christchurch. As part of the ongoing operation of GCCRS, a dedicated team has been formed to specifically focus on working with homeowners to resolve their claims.

Crown Insurers

MBIE has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with EQC and Southern Response to ensure processes are established which strengthen the support needed to help resolve your claim.

View the MOU between MBIE, EQC and Southern Response [PDF, 661 KB].

Other agencies and organisations involved in GCCRS include:

The Treasury

The Treasury monitors the financial requirements of GCCRS and has representation on the GCCRS Advisory Committee.

Engineering New Zealand

Engineering New Zealand (ENZ) is leading the Engineering Technical Advisory Group. ENZ will facilitate investigations into issues and provide recommendations to improve processes, ensuring the right outcome for your claim is achieved. The chairperson of the Engineering Technical Advisory Group also sits on the GCCRS Advisory Committee.

Community Law Canterbury

Community Law Canterbury (CLC) is providing GCCRS in-house legal advice to help clarify issues for homeowners with unresolved claims. There are two CLC lawyers based in the GCCRS offices to ensure GCCRS is able to quickly respond to issues and progress your claim.

Other organisations

A wide-range of agencies and organisations are also represented in the legal, engineering, homeowner and wellbeing technical and reference advisory groups. This provides GCCRS with system-wide input to consider, ensuring the best outcome for homeowners with unresolved claims.

GCCRS and the Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal

The Canterbury Earthquakes Insurance Tribunal has been established to help people resolve residential insurance claims related to the Canterbury earthquakes though the judicial system. The Tribunal includes an independent, funded mediation service(external link) provided by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which is experienced in delivering mediation in the housing and tenancy sector.

If you do not reach a resolution through GCCRS, and your claim meets the Tribunal’s criteria, using the Tribunal will still be an option for you. Read more about how the Tribunal might work on the Ministry of Justice website(external link)

GCCRS can help with the application to the Tribunal and provide support through the other steps of the process.