Access to legal advice

GCCRS has partnered with Christchurch Community Law to assist homeowners with access to legal advice. These lawyers will be engaged by a homeowner directly although in most cases the costs will be met by GCCRS.

Internal Dispute Resolution Service

The GCCRS provides two different options for resolving disputes relating to claims. Participation is optional for both the homeowner and the insurer.  The options available include:

  • Facilitation: a voluntary, confidential process where the parties meet with an independent third party and attempt to reach an agreed settlement. If a settlement is reached this will be recorded in a contract.  GCCRS will pay for the facilitation.
  • Determination: a voluntary process where the parties agree to appoint an experienced, independent, decision-maker to make a decision on the insurance entitlement. This decision is final, binding and confidential, and will only be suitable for certain claims.   

Taking part in facilitation will not prevent a homeowner from taking part in determination.

The GCCRS provides access to a lawyer to explain the different options, at no cost.

While the GCCRS provides these options, the GCCRS is independent and will not participate as an advocate in the dispute resolution process.

Other dispute resolution options

GCCRS can assist with obtaining information about other dispute resolution options that are available to homeowners, such as the courts and other alternative dispute resolution options.  Separate legal advice should be obtained before deciding whether to take part in another dispute resolution option.