Our process

GCCRS understands that getting insurance claims resolved has been hard for a lot of people and is committed to helping the people of Greater Christchurch with unresolved claims so they can move on with their lives.

We’re doing more than just providing advice – we coordinate the resolution of your claim. You will have one point of contact, a settlement support case manager, who helps you through the whole process, working with you until you have a resolution for your claim.

We will help you regardless of the status and nature of your claim. It is important to us that you have the opportunity to tell us your concerns, challenges and what is important to you to help resolve your claim. We know this is about more than settlement – it's also about getting your life back on track. 

From the time you register with GCCRS, your settlement support case manager will be with you all the way through. They will arrange an initial face-to-face meeting either at your home or the GCCRS offices, depending on what is most convenient for you. They will work with you to make a plan that puts you on a pathway to claim resolution.

This will include accessing reports relating to your claim from EQC or your insurer so all information can be reviewed and considered before determining if any specialist advice, such as engineering, legal or wellbeing is required to assist with progressing your claim. We’re independent from your insurer and we are here to facilitate the resolution of your claim. That means we can have the required discussions with all agencies involved in your claim to make sure you’re on a path that will result in your claim being resolved. Our case managed process and homeowner claim portal provides you transparency so you always know the status of your claim, who is doing what and when it is happening.